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so FISTicated♥

adj. meaning; looking classy while bustin' lips

18 July
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she smiles in the face of anger and annoyance laughing in the face of danger and disipline.shes broken free of all labels and predictions any person has tried to make reality within their own head. shes got a thirst for knowledge and charming girls who choose their words wisely in the presence of her. only than would she kneel down to what she sees as an angel,obidence and respect would come like second nature, for them. and as a thousand hammers nail the same idea into her head. only a trusting voice of compassion could find a way through the cracks of her thick skull. as for the rest of you all, she could make or break you.

fucking cancerxcore
abnormal, abstract, abuse, across, affection, aggression, aggressive, aids, allusion, amon amarth, angels, angst, apostrophes, arguments, attacking, attention, attraction, bacteria, beauty, behind, bitterness, blank, blue eyes, broken skin, burning, cells, central nervous system, chemicals, choking, cold nights, compulsive, confession booths, congratulations, connection, constellations, crashing, death metal, despair, devastation, doubt, elimination, embrace, emo girls, empty voids, error, expense, experiments, eyes, faith, filters, fire, forgetfullness, fuck humanity, gas masks, generations, girls, gravity, grey, harassment, heart ache, heartless, hearts, horizon, human error, ignorance, indirect, industrial, infections, innocence, insults, irony, irritability, isolation, katharine towne, katie holmes, killing, knives, knowledge, left-handed, lesbian, liars, lies, listen, locking, manipulation, meaning, metropolis, mind, murder, narcissim, night, noise, nova, nuclear, nuclear waste, obsessive, operas, opticon, overwhelming, paranoid, paranormal, passive-aggressive, patience, perfect, politics, power, progressive, promises, pushing, rape, repetition, responsibility, reverse psychology, robots, sara, savage, screaming, self-admiration, selfishness, sexual assault, shivers, sins, skies, space, std's, steel, suffering, superiority, symphonies, system, terror, the kovenant, theories, thousand, today, trance, turbulence, understanding, universe, unknown, vanished, variety, verse, violins, visualization, vulgar, war, wires, worthless, ♀♀